Why have a Spirit guide portrait done

Spirit guide Cherokee (c) Brige Steedman 2016


There are all sorts of reasons to have a Spirit guide portrait done.  Perhaps you're looking for guidance or reassurance in dealing with challenges or struggles in your life.  

Perhaps you've been connecting with your guides for whatever length of time and want a visual image to help you deepen your relationship with them.

Or perhaps you're simply open and interested to become familiar with the loving Spirit energies around you, and curious to see what your guide looks like.

Having a personal portrait of your Spirit guide can be a profound and moving experience.  When you look into your guide's eyes and feel their unconditional loving energy, the veil drops and you can experience soul love greater than anything you've experienced before.  This was the case for me and has been for many people who have already experienced it.

There is something truly magical and special about looking into the face of your Spirit guide or other loving energy and feeling that incredible connection with them that is so hard to experience by any other means.

Seeing things is so important to us, that without seeing our guides, we can doubt their presence.  Having their presence in the form of a physical portrait can make them feel much more real and tangible, and our connection with them much stronger. 

Even clairvoyants and experienced intuitives can find it hard to see the faces of Spirit guides. To have a portrait of them - something tangible to look at - opens our hearts.  

It was after drawing the first portrait of my guide, Dancing Bear, that my clairaudience improved dramatically over a period of days, simply by giving me a focal point and by opening my heart. For me, it literally changed my life.

Spirit guide portraits are also available with a clairvoyant/mediumship reading with my husband, clairvoyant medium Peter Steedman.  These readings help to increase what you know about your connection with your guide and bring  through additional messages from your Spirit guide on MP3 or CD.


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