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My name is Luisa Steedman and I'm a spiritual artist and journeyer. My life was turned upside down in early 2014 when I drew the Spirit guide I had been hearing since childhood.  Instant soul recognition and subsequent intensive journeying brought back memories of past life connections, soul relationships and life path choices made long before this lifetime.  This blog is a record of some of the things I've learned and experienced along this bumpy ride of self-discovery and healing.  I hope these words - especially those from Spirit - may inspire, comfort and cheer you on your own journey through this 'brief moment in an ocean of eternity'. 

You are beautiful - a message from Spirit

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If you suffer from low self-esteem, or are self conscious of any aspect of your physical body or looks, this this message is from Spirit to you.


(c) Brige Steedman


"The things you have been taught in this lifetime about beauty are not the truth.  They are based on superficial appearances which disappear.  They are ephemeral.  They are part of the fiction you are taught on the earth plane and they are perpetrated by those who fear the lack of them.  You are beautiful.  You have always been beautiful.

You need to know that those things with which you judge your appearance are fabrications.  They're not real.  They don't exist.  What is real is the light that shines within you, which is so bright and so beautiful nothing can dim it except your own fears.  You are not that person you think you are.  You are a beautiful soul expressing itself within a lifetime that is but the briefest moment in an ocean of eternity in which your soul exists.

That child within you - the child who felt alone and unloved - is beautiful and lovable.  And her light is still within you.  It was a light that shone so brightly and yet for such a short time because of the conditioning and fears of those around you that you trusted.  It's not their fault.  They are part of the conditioning and fears in which they were brought up, and which was part of their learning.  But you can choose to leave that now.  That's not part of your path.  It was your path to leave that conditioning.  To use it as a means to grow, to expand beyond what you would otherwise have achieved, to become the magnificent soul that you are are.

It is time for you to let go of the past, to leave that old life behind - that old conditioning - and discover the real you.  There is a real you.  Not the person you think you are, but a beautiful, creative soul, manifested here on the earth plane with unique gifts, wisdom and such love.  

We love you as you are.  The outer covering of you is only an outer covering.  It falls away.  And when your light shines brightly and your heart is full of love, all that others see and feel is that light and that joy.  If people think differently then that's a sign of their own limitations and fears.  They are not judging you, but themselves.

When we see you feeling upset or alone, we long to reach out to you, to hold and reassure you.  You are never alone.  Even in your darkest times when you cannot feel or hear us, we are with you.  We are always walking beside you, sharing in your tears and in your laughter, the good times and the bad times.  We are always listening, always wanting to comfort you, to guide you and encourage you in whatever ways we can.

When you return home after this lifetime, you will realise that what we say is true.  Your soul knows you are loved.  Your soul knows you are beautiful.  And your soul knows that it would be impossible for us not to love you, as we always have and always will, throughout eternity.  There is nothing you could do or say that would change that.  We love you more than you could imagine, more than you could know, and more than we could ever express.

There is no separation between us.  We are always here with you and surrounding you in our love.  If you knew how much we loved you, it would take your breath away."


These beautiful words were spoken by my Spirit guide, Dancing Bear.  They could have been spoken by yours.

If you know of someone who would benefit from reading this, you are welcome to copy and share.  There is no copyright, but please acknowledge Spirit in being the source of it.



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